Hi, I'm Aman Khalid.

I'm passionate about building extensible systems for large applications. Over the span of the last few years, I have helped multiple startups build their tech. These days I'm working as a Research Assistant at Saint Louis University, with most of my work focused on Cloud Computing.


Backend Developer - Marsplay
Marsplay is a socially curated shopping app, that seeks to employ the long tail of influencers to surface discovery & commerce of interesting fashion products and brands - fulfilling a felt need to stand out, in one’s attire and accessories, in the age of homogenized fast fashion.

Built website scrapers to gather inventory details from popular e-commerce sites for clothing.Developed server-side APIs to facilitate communication between various services of the backend.Designed and developed microservices for order management, for both influencers and customers.
Backend Developer - Myolo

Myolo is a relationship platform helping people meet through discovery on our app and exciting offline mixers.

Worked on the backend built on java springImplemented interest mapping, location services, caching, and other updates.Setup and maintenance of staging, development, and production environmentsAPI provisioning to outsourced client side developers(website and iOS)more...

Fullstack Developer - Shapeaspace

shapeAspace.com is an attempt to renovate people’s outlook towards getting creative solutions for the interiors and exteriors of their residential, commercial and industrial prospects.

Made the complete seller portalSeller Dashboard, Inventory management and PayoutMade custom Search engine using elasicsearchProject was on Laravel PHPmore...

Fullstack Developer - Copyloft

Copyloft is an online document and photo print solution, Simply upload your documents and get them delivered at your doorstep!
Made the Complete Project Using React JS and DjangoInteractive document manipulationInstagram API to print photosHosted the project on herokuData persistence using MongoDBmore...

Freelance Projects
Independent - Built a fault tolerant key-value based distributed data store with no master server, with consistent hashing. Each key in the store is replicated thrice on different nodes to prevent data loss in case of node failures.MyPartyKart - Created the online portal which the company uses to supply inventory to retailers. This helped ease the supply process with features like online payments, live order tracking and a convenient admin dashboard to track sales and orders.Queens Handicraft - An eCommerce store for antiques and handicrafts.

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You can reach out to me at mailamankhalid [at] gmail.com